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Vacuum cups
Regardless of what you want to handle with vacuum, you will find the correct suction pad here! The range of suction pads offers an almost unlimited number of suction pads with various shapes, sizes and materials.

Flat suction pads (oval)
Oval, flat suction pads. Ideal for long, narrow workpieces.

Ventosas planas

Bellows suction pads (round)
Bellows-type suction pads have many advantages: good moulding to uneven surfaces, damping effect when placed on the workpiece, lifting effect when the vacuum is applied, etc.

Ventosas de fuelle redonda

Bellows suction pads (oval)
For all long, narrow workpieces, with the damping and lifting effect of the bellows.

Ventosa de fuelle ovalada

Suction pads for handling sheet metal
Special series of suction pads for handling sheet mental. The highlights: withstand very high horizontal forces, no deformation of the workpiece, secure holding of the workpiece, etc.

Ventosas para manipulación de lámina automotriz

Suction pads for plastic films and paper
The special suction pads for paper and films!

ventosas para lámina de papel

Suction pads for handling CDs/DVDs
Special suction pads for mechanical handling of CDs of all sizes.

ventosas para amanipulación de CDs/DVDs

Suction pads for high-temperature applications
Special suction pads for handling particularly hot workpieces

Ventosas para tareas de alta atemperatura

Suction pads for different branches
Here, you can find suction pads which differ from the standard pads in, for example, their shape or materials.

Suction pads

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