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Vacuum generator

Electro-pneumatic vacuum management system with everything to develop and control vacuum in one product.
Dual channel vacuum control.
Twin multi-stage vacuum generators.
Selectable vacuum level.
Forced blow-off assures part separation Quick change filter and silencer.

Generador Electro-neumático de vacio

Basic ejectors
These ejectors are reliable and require little maintenance. Their main advantage is the simple construction: body, Venturi nozzle and silencer.

Eyectores básicos

Compact ejectors
In addition to the functions of a basic ejector, compact ejectors are equipped with a suction valve, a blow-off valve, a vacuum switch and a filter.

Eyectores compactos

Ejectors (special versions)
Ejectors with large extraction and suction volumes.

Eyectores (modelos especiales)

Vacuum pumps
For high vacuum values with a low volume flow. Oil-lubricated pumps, dry-running pumps and water-ring pumps are available.

Bombas de vacío

Vacuum centres
The complete unit for handling and clamping tasks, consisting of pump, reservoir, monitoring and regulation.

Unidades centrales de vacío

Vacuum blowers
For high volume flows/suction capacity at low vacuum values. The optimum vacuum generators for handling porous workpieces.

Vacum blowers

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