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Mounting Systems
Build your own individual suction-pad system! Everything - the holder, the spring plunger and the suction pad - fits together, since they all come from the same modular system.

Jointed mountings
Ball joints and Flexolinks permit the suction pads to adapt themselves better to uneven workpieces.

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Spring plungers
Spring plungers are very versatile components. Amongst other things, they compensate for excessively long strokes of the handling system and workpieces of varying heights and place the suction pad softly on the workpiece surface, thus avoiding damage t.

Montaje con resorte

For direct mounting of suction pads on holders or mounting plates.

Adaptador / boquilla

Holders for suction pads and spring plungers
Holders are used for mounting the suction pads on the (basic) machine or on the arm of an industrial robot.

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