Mayfran International


Scrap Conveyors Chip Handling System and Chip Processing Systems for Machining Centers. Quick Die Change Systems for High Speed Stamping.

Mayfran International

Harry Major Machine

Material handling systems specializes on engineering and transmitions plants through the use of Gantry Robots, Buffer, storage systems and flexible manufacturing sales including Industrial washers for the cleaning of the engineering and transmition components.

Mayfran International


Automation with Vacuum for press shops, basic and final Assembly as well of general material handling with vacuum.

Mayfran International

ATI Industrial Automation

Quick change, high presentation, robotic quick changers, Speed burr, Robotic Deburring Tool, Torque Sensors, Overload protection device and Automated alignment systems.

Mayfran International


Materials Handing Products specializes on assembly applications thought the use of clamping, gripping and handling modular tooling systems developed specializes for press shop, body shop and final assembly applications.

Mayfran International


Troubleshooting specific manufacturing for the automotive industry, evolution towards design and replacement of the original material into systems with ergonomic solutions.

Mayfran International

Fuji Robotics

Estas unidades son las mas eficientes paletizadoras robóticas de su clase utilizando únicamente 2.0 KVA, proveen las mas económicas soluciones y al mismo tiempo cumplen con el requisito de producción moderna. Usted recibirá valor agregado durante muchos años dada la tasa de ciclos por consumo de energía.


Mayfran International

The Bernd Siegmund Group

Intelligent, future-oriented technology and flexible solutions combined with high design quality are synonymous with the functional welding tables from Bern Siegmund GmbH.

In this day and age of cost savings, its imperative that your downtime on your equipment or manpower is reduced. The Bernd Siegmund Modular Welding and Clamping Tables can do just that. The modular system makes it possible to cut your working time down by up to 40% in all areas of metal fabrication, from jig-making to clamping and measuring tasks to various techniques for joining parts. Precision and a long service life are further features with which the Siegmund Table helps to increase productivity.

The Bernd Siegmund Modular Welding and Clamping Table offers a comprehensive range of clamping elements such as squares, stops, bolts, screw clamps, etc., in order to be able to create clamping devices of all kinds.

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